Wenqiang Lai

BEng Mechatronic Engineering
MSc Applied Machine Learning


Email: wenqianglai[at]hotmail.com

Hi, This is Wenqiang Lai! I am currently working as a Research Assistant in the Freeform Robotics lab under the supervision of Prof. Tin Lun Lam. Before joining the team, I received a BEng in Mechatronic Engineering from The University of Manchester (UoM) in 2021. While at the UoM, I started to work on robots/embedded systems and artificial intelligence. My interest in combining mechatronics and artificial intelligence pushed me to purse MSc in Applied Machine Learning at the Imperial College London (ICL) in 2022. At ICL, I worked on various projects related to deep learning and reinforcement learning.


Mar 16, 2023 The KDE-SSI paper was selected as top 5 student paper in IEEE Region 8 and invited to the oral presentation at EUROCON 2023. [Link]
Sept 5, 2022 Awarded the Best Student Paper at the contest held on ACDS 2022 with the paper titled "KDE-SSI: Knowledge Distilled Ensemble Model for sEMG-based Silent Speech Interface". [Link]


  1. Vision-Language Model-based Physical Reasoning for Robot Liquid Perception.
    W. Lai, Y. Gao, T. L. Lam. Arxiv (under review for IROS 2024)
KDE-SSI: Knowledge Distilled Ensemble Model for sEMG-based Silent Speech Interface.
W. Lai, Q. Yang, Y. Mao, E. Sun and J. Ye. IEEE EUROCON 2023